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Gary Hall
Sonora, California
Cell # 209-404-6444
E-mail: garyhall23@comcast.net

After conducting major commercial and charity auctions in Las Vegas Nevada from 1984 thru 1999, the past fifteen years, Gary has conducted successful auctions in California.
About Charity Auctions:

Definition of Charity:
1) The love of your fellow man.

2) An act of good will or affection towards others.

3) A voluntary giving for those in need.

Gary’s Statement:
"The reason I prefer and have chosen to conduct Charity Auctions exclusively is because Charity Auctions are more rewarding while providing greater opportunities to make a major contributions for those organizations in need and that are truly worthy!"

Over the past thirty years, Gary has provided his unique gifts and professional abilities for major national organizations such as Make-A-Wish, Juvenile Diabetes, as well as regional and local charity organizations. His passion and sincere heart is what propels him to higher levels of success. What differentiates Gary is his professional style, gregarious personality and his abilities to maximize the monetary opportunities to achieve greater levels of success with every single event!

About Us:
Western College of Auctioneering graduate in 1984. This recognized auction school in Billings Montana has been ranked as the premier auction school in the world for over fifty years. What distinguishes the Western College of auctioneering is that they focus and demand their students to achieve a cadence that is crisp, clean and crystal clear to achieve greater levels of success. In addition, ethics is the prominent element that best describes the graduates of the Western College of Auctioneering.